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2629 Wellflleet? Ooops, I mean Truro

still life, acrylic, 6" x 6" $100 click here to purchase

It's official, I've slipped into my summer state of mind - one symptom of this is when one takes an overnight trip and does not know what town one is heading to. With Brie merrily on a stay-cation, I set off for Truro (not Wellfleet, like I thought). The itinerary; conversation, beach, food, fun and culminating with my friend's opening at Four Eleven Gallery in Provincetown.

Left: Liz Carney of Four Eleven Gallery, Right: Artist, Robin Levandov


DO NOT - I like this sentiment and kept it in mind while passing fudge shops in Provincetown (the ice cream shop did not stand a chance, neither did the grilled calamari or the smoked salmon - wait? how long was I there?) - I digress, this bear was in a tattoo parlor in Provincetown and although I presume he means 'do not touch me' - I took it as 'Lisa, do not get a tattoo' - no matter how much an anchor makes sense while in Provincetown, out of context, probably not so much. I thought of getting an airbrush tattoo as a dress rehearsal, but was distracted. . . by kayaking. 

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