Thursday, October 15, 2009

The paint was still drying and I wanted to go to sleep. . . so this is Thursday's, but it wasn't posted until Friday.

I bought persimmons - I have no idea what they taste like, but I remember my favorite painting from an Asian art history class called, Five Persimmons, at least I think it was five. My mind's eye remembers five all in a row, I'm googling it but can't find reference to it.
Other news; I hung my work at White Magdelena House in preparation for Sunday's Hingham Arts Walk - it's rain or shine - 60 South Street, Hingham, MA


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I didn't get the whole idea of the Hingham Arts Walk (thought you were going to some sort of walk, together with other artists :) but I googled it and found out what a great event that walk is! I wish I could do that walk, it seems like something surreal actually, hope everything goes great with you tomorrow, have a wonderful time!
    Best regards,

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  3. Hi Carolina -

    Thank you for the good wishes - I think it'll be the Hingham Arts WADE - as it's raining A LOT right now, well, maybe it'll lessen up a bit or at the very least not keep people away - I'll lend out my umbrella to anyone who braves the weather today!