Friday, December 4, 2009

Daily Painting #186

Some of my spare time is spent looking around at other people's blogs. There's a lot of really valuable information out there and interesting insights - Fongwei Liu comes to mind - I read this awhile ago and haven't stopped thinking about it,

"Dao talked about keep the balance of Yin and Yang. A good artist knows how to balance the Yin Yang too. I heard a chef said that add a little salt if you want your food sweeter. Same thing when I paint something, I may need something small if I want to paint something big; I will use dark if I want to show something very light; I may need to use some purple around if I feel my yellow looks not yellow enough; I may need to paint some part just by wash if I want to represent some thick texture. So in a painting, big supports small, small supports big, warm supports cool, cool supports warm and so on… this is nature."

For more visit his blog below,

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