Monday, December 7, 2009

Daily Painting #189

This pepper was in my garden. It's December and it snowed, but I'm still getting peppers - oh, a new cloth too (did not grow in the garden) - I'm hoping all this practice with different greens will help when I go back outside to paint next spring.

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  1. Hi Lisa... just discovered your paintings/blog, and am loving it. Lot's of growth between the start of this blog and today.
    I have a materials question or two for you. Acrylic on board... Can you elaborate? What type (even brand if you don't mind) of board, primer, and paint? Are you using the open acrylics or just plain old acrylic? And what type of palette, ie a Sta-Wet, etc..
    Thanks a million. I have a pile of acrylics, see their advantages but can't seem to get around the few negatives (in my eyes anyway) and would love to hear as much as you would care to share about them and their use.
    Keep up the good paintin'.
    Marc Hanson