Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daily Painting #203

Other News; There's been a sighting of the rare, abominable snow beast.


  1. love the new set ups...

  2. You're great with tomatoes! Love the salt shaker in there.

    Aw, Bumble Brie. WHAT a good dog!

    Look how covered with snow! Rolling around in it no doubt. Adorable.

  3. I have to totally agree with Dogimo... on EVERYTHING! I'm not lazy, I just don't know how to say it different in my poor English! (thanks Dogimo btw! I could have not said it better).
    And I want to wish you a happy Christmas and New Year, I hope it's full of love, friendship and all the good things you deserve!
    Have a great time!
    Best regards,

  4. Lisa, do you have a Wheaten Terrier? I had such a wonderful Wheaten in the 80's, she was a great hiker, eventhe 14K footers in Colorado, and she would jump on the back of your skis to hitch a ride. What a great photo!

  5. Yes, she's a wheaten (most days, when she's not pretending to be a Yeti). She's great - although I don't think I'd get her to hike 14K footers - sometimes I have to carry her on our walks, because she lays down and won't budge but that's mostly because she's pouting if I don't let her go swimming. I love that yours used to hitch rides on your skis!