Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm experimenting, some paintings will be on Ebay, other's for purchase directly through PayPal. . . There's no exact method here yet, just still trying different things out and figuring what works.


  1. I'm a recent subscriber- found you on Carol Marine's blog. I love your work, my only 'complaint' is that I can't enlarge your pics! :(

  2. Love your work!! This one is especially colorful and has an interesting composition. All have that luscious lose feeling. Let me know how the ebay auction, store and paypal experiment/comparison works out!

  3. Lisa, I've been following your work for a while now and am a HUGE fan. Really lovely color, light and composition! Saw your note about not getting juried recently, please don't lose hope, you have a completely amazing and unique style. Not all jurors are going to understand that, but it is what gives your work such power.

  4. Von, I couldn't agree more, I have been wondering how to get them to get bigger. . . I'll have to google that question soon.

    Debbi, thank you! I will let you know, got a book on Ebay, but nothing on how to become an overnight auction sensation in the index, guess I'll have to read the entire thing?

    Nancy - thank you!!! I even entered another just to get up and brush myself off. . . results not in yet.