Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The eggplant on the right kind of looks like it just slid in on it's belly.
Like a seal.


  1. Love the composition and colors! Very cool!

  2. Those eggplants are REAL and occupy tangible space.

    Which is not always the goal, I know! But a great trick to have in your bag, when you're in that mood.

    It makes a particularly excellent contrast with the imposing 2-D surface of the bottom half of the picture space's plunging flat tablecloth.

  3. Thanks D.E., I wonder where I got the idea. . . hmmmm.

    Dogimo, I think I get kind of serious when I paint eggplant - all those purples, need proper attention - but I still think one of them looks like a baby seal - thus proving way too much time w/vegetables. Maybe if I get different fabric, something polka dotted, less aquatic?