Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daily Painting #224

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I was asked yesterday about my process. . .

Lately, I start with a red toned piece of masonite - from there, I choose a color which seems to kind of glow in the still life - it's not always the most saturated color, it's usually a color that catches my eye and I start by putting that down with a mark.

I then go around my canvas and put in a light and then a dark and then I fill in the rest of it from there at all different times. It looks a little weird at this stage, kind of abstract, I've been told.

I do not put all my lights in at once and I do not put all my darks in at once. I have to put different colors down all over the place to see how they'll all interact.

I was also asked how I stay loose. I think it's because I do not 'draw' my painting first. I don't even typically put marks in to figure out the composition, I just start painting, based on what I'm looking at. I observe where the objects hit the page but I don't mark it's outline. When I used to put marks in or draw something first, I felt my paintings looked too 'colored in the lines.' The way I'm doing it now feel more like building.

So, today's painting - I never thought I would EVER cut up a citrus fruit and paint it, because it looked hard! But last week at Page's studio she had half a pink grapefruit out for a still life. Of course, I avoided it the whole time but at the end of the session I had worked up the courage to try it only to run out of time to finish it.

So, this morning I cut up my orange, a snack meant to be eaten while snowshoeing and gave it a try. . .

Other news; One of my favorite people gave me a bunch of beautiful fabric (read STRIPED!) from one of the best fabric places, Zimman's, in Lynn, Ma - and in case you were wondering, Lynn is also the home of Marshmallow Fluff. Is Fluff just a New England thing still or has it gone national?


  1. I love your work! It's so fresh and the colors just sing. Checking out your blog is always a bright spot in my day.

    -ME Chamberlain

  2. Love it! I think you've recently had a change in your style. You've started to add more neutral colors which really make the saturated colors shine!

  3. Hi Lisa. Thank you so much for the information on your process. It's really interesting. I like the idea of finding a glowing color. This painting is wonderful. You have such a full range of dynamic values, and the background surface (brownish, yellowish, reddish) is wonderfully rich.

  4. Your brain works the opposite of my brain! I had to quit using lines for a year, in order to stop thinking so linearly... it just about killed me!!! But now I'm trying to integrate the two approaches without depending on the line.
    I love your work, Lisa!

  5. Well, I never knew about the Fluff and I'm from Massachusetts (which presently has the whole country abuzz).
    I also love striped fabric.