Sunday, February 14, 2010



Today I toned my canvas in yellow - what do you think? Go back to only red? I used to flop around with different colors and then became happy with only the red and today I felt yellow would be right because yesterday I was thinking about color and the energy different colors create. . . and now I think this is a run-on sentence. Too. . . much. . . chocolate. . .


  1. Hi Lisa, I awarded you the Sunshine Blog Award. Drop by my blog to collect it.

  2. Hey, congrats on the award!
    I wanted to say that I like this painting a lot, the white flowers are so vibrant, they shine!
    And your run-on sentence made me smile :) I thought of myself sometimes when I read it.
    Have a happy Valentine's Day, Lisa!

  3. One can't have too much chocolate... I think it's a wonderful painting! The colors, the composition, the brushstrokes--very nice!

  4. Hi! Oh good, I was sure I was on the brink of too much chocolate - I did manage to save a little bit for tonight - delicious!

    Tammy - thank you for thinking of me for the award!