Sunday, February 28, 2010

#274 & "Bobisms"

Been thinking about full vessels today. . .

Other news: I run into a lot of things (not necessarily people) named Bob - and here's one, Bobisms - I love it!
"Right now, you are the best of who you are. Your work will not get better by itself... and you are the closest person to your next best work." - Robert Burridge, see his Bobisms of the Month at


  1. Beautiful painting, Linda!
    How are you getting this lovely green, for your cup?

  2. Of course, I'd liked to say Lisa!Sorry...

  3. I like the subtle color, and texture of the four greys in the foreground too!

  4. Good thought, Bob! And this painting rocks, Lisa - the colors just really work - for me!

  5. Hi - thanks all -
    Sylviane - the green on the cup is a mix of pthalo blue (green shade) cadmium yellow medium, a little white and little red -