Friday, March 19, 2010

Road in Cohasset Daily Painting #291

I painted on the side of the road today in Cohasset. At first, I wanted to paint water, but it was considerably colder there, so back in the car to a row of trees and a stonewall, which was great for balancing my gum, palette and brushes!

It wasn't until well into it, when I backed up to take a look at my painting that I noticed the discarded EMPTY beer cans I was standing in front of. It must have looked as if I guzzled them then tossed them over my shoulder before painting! I promise they weren't mine!

Other News: Book club tonight we read The Dreamcatcher's Tour - I wonder if I can finish it in time???

And more news still: I saw the most fantastic new cooking show today, it's called Improvise! I will tell you when it airs, I got a preview! Look for the Facebook fan page - if I knew how to link that to here, I would, but I don't.


  1. Plein air paintings will be fun to watch from you..I love the balancing act with your supplies..that GUM was one of your tools..maybe that is the secret to your sucess?

  2. It reminds me of Cezanne and his bold brushstrokes and solid blocks of's really lovely.

  3. P - Oh yes, the gum is absolutely one of my tools and now I think discarded beer cans (not my own) might be a lucky charm!

    Caroline - thank you!