Friday, March 19, 2010

Road in Cohasset Daily Painting #291

I painted on the side of the road today in Cohasset. At first, I wanted to paint water, but it was considerably colder there, so back in the car to a row of trees and a stonewall, which was great for balancing my gum, palette and brushes!

It wasn't until well into it, when I backed up to take a look at my painting that I noticed the discarded EMPTY beer cans I was standing in front of. It must have looked as if I guzzled them then tossed them over my shoulder before painting! I promise they weren't mine!

Other News: Book club tonight we read The Dreamcatcher's Tour - I wonder if I can finish it in time???

And more news still: I saw the most fantastic new cooking show today, it's called Improvise! I will tell you when it airs, I got a preview! Look for the Facebook fan page - if I knew how to link that to here, I would, but I don't.