Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lemon Lounge #330

I just met Randy Veragus, the Producer for Alluring Artist, "a weekly spot showcasing local talent" - I think this is the first time I've ever been interviewed on video or maybe ever, come to think of it. Well, anyhow, she has a warm, upbeat, outgoing personality and did make you forget about being on camera, which must be very hard to do.

It was fun, I've been looking forward to it and now I can't wait to see it!



  1. I guess you are still in your blue period. Love the warm lemons against the blue cup.
    I am in mourning because I broke a favorite Chinese blue vase similiar in color to your cup. It is in at least one of my paintings on my blog. I have painted it again and again because I loved it so much. It smashed to smitherenes.
    Congrats on your interview!

  2. I love this! The lemons look like they're really lazing around, being cool, taking 5...lovely!

  3. Lisa, you are truly amazing! Although I was expecting to find a painting of a beautiful svelte and sexy woman, ah hem, myself, the fruit works. Ha ha ha Hey maybe that still is a painting of me. I've been called "fruity" before! :) Just kidding around! Your work is even more beautiful staring at in your studio. I highly recommend anyone wanting one of Lisa's paintings to go for it! Stunning work, Lisa. They moved me.

    And thanks for the kind words. Cheers, Randy

  4. Congrats on the interview! Lovely painting - love the value shift and light green teal against the white in your foreground shadows!

  5. A delightful painting - and congratulations on the interview!

  6. I know, I slipped back into the blue period, I don't know how it happened, I blame the new striped blue fabric remnant I found -

    I haven't had any studio casualties yet, but there are a couple of pieces I would hate to see go, some were from my grandmother's house, but prior to painting them I kept them all wrapped up safe in a box! I think at least when we get them in a painting we have a permanent way of remember some things, even if we don't have the subject anymore.

    Randy - love it! Can't wait for the show and to see all the other people you'll be featuring!