Friday, April 16, 2010

So, Along Comes a Tomato. . .#318

Because everyone else is doing it, I started off this morning trying another painting from a photo. It started okay, but then I reverted back to my safety palette (don't ask) and quite frankly, I'm not sure if it's very good.

So, back to the flower and the tomato. And I kept thinking of the oddment idea from yesterday with my own version of yardments but the idea of painting random things only from the yard - worms, snails and other oddment yardments . . . I then thought, oh dear, maybe not.


  1. I really like this one - especially the background. It has the feeling of a collage about it which provides a great counterpart to the softness of the tomato and daffodil. Great stuff!

  2. I thought you were going more along the lines of, A Tomato and Daffodil walk into a bar together and inside meet a Daisy style of commentary here....

    Lisa, you don't know me but I make a point of reading and secretly admiring your work, every few days or're mom alerted me...she knows who I am. *waving to mom.

    Anyway, there is always a pleasant adventure coming here. Always some keen insight, witty commentary and/or some unique and new surprise awaiting me. Of course being a bona fide non artist, I'm fascinated by your step by step process series of paintings. I'm just totally blown away by how you do what you do.!

    And I think I heard that daisies are a favorite of a certain someone...and that sunflowers might just be making their comeback (or is it debut) here???

    And of course I just must comment on The Brie... priceless. I've heard babysitting stories from grandma..all good of course.

    Anyway I'll go back to secretly oohing and awe-ing. Thanks for doing what you do... back to lurk mode.

    Ps. One of my favorites here (stiff competetion) is # 301. I just love the "sunlight" that came through on that painting so warmly and vividly, on what really was such a dreary rainy day.

  3. Dear Anonymous - I had the 'walk into a bar' joke in my head the entire time - how'd you know?!

    Thank you for such thoughtful and encouraging comments, they make my day - truly.

    #301 was such an experiment in trying to apply what I know, rather than what I see, so I'm so happy to know you like it - and that the 'sunlight experiment' worked - thank you for letting me know. . . I hope you'll come out of 'lurk mode' again soon - but in the meantime I am just happy to know you are out there!