Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Daffodils, Some Tomatoes Daily Painting #315

I don't think I'll be painting daffodils as long as I did daisies, they are starting to wilt, they aren't very resilient when cut, are they? But, guess what? I noticed sunflowers yesterday at the foodstore. . . now how to sneak them into the grocery budget, that's the trick. . .


  1. Hi Lisa!... Thank "You" for visiting my site and for leaving an encouraging comment!

    I love the blocky... almost abstract quality of your designs... combined with the painterly brushwork and your luminous... high key palette! Very pleasing indeed!

    Good painting!

  2. I respond to your work inparticular. I share your love of bordering on abstraction. Your brushwork and color are inspiring.

  3. Your work is really interesting. Beautiful colors and the way you apply paint looks a little like your paintings could be done in pastels. A compliment.
    I HATE artificial flowers but you can find some pretty good fake sunflowers in nice gift stores. But...nothing beats the real ones. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. MmmmmMmmmm! The color play here is YUMMY!