Monday, May 3, 2010

Caution to the Wind #335

I toned this canvas in yellow - totally different for me, I have been stuck on toning it in red for so long I hardly even believed my own self when I picked up the yellow tube of paint instead of red, I felt liberated, like throwing caution to the wind! I might even eat dessert tonight - who knows, I'm a wild woman.


  1. You're so funny!

    Nice loose brush strokes and beautiful colors.

    Enjoy your dessert tonight, wild woman!!

  2. Great and very humorous!!! Your work is delightful.

  3. I bet the sun was shining in your studio when your hand went for the yellow. That ol' Mr. Sun...he knows what he's doing. Lovely paining!
    In Japan, yellow is the color of courage. Go for dessert before your meal. That a girl! :)

  4. I'm definitely enjoying myself over here!

    Glad to know that about yellow, I like this and I liked red underneath because it's the color of luck and happiness in Chinese and it's the color of fire element in feng shui and that is the symbol of energy! If I am remembering this right of course. . .