Thursday, May 6, 2010

"ish" #338ish

"ish" is the title of this piece, I'm a little embarrassed, but here's the story.

I started this daily painting endeavor on May 25th 2009, therefore, the 365th day would be May 25th of 2010. Now, I've painted every single day, I haven't missed one. But what I missed, is counting accurately - so, until I figure out what number I'm really on, I think 346, is that right, (somebody, help!) I'm adding 'ish' to the end of my numbers. That's the nice thing about this painting and being me, there are no rules, just make sure it's done, although correct numbering, I wouldn't complain about.


  1. amazing commitment! congrads on the follow thru! I enjoy seeing your art very much!!!! good job!~

  2. Lisa, "ish" is close enough for me! I love the soft pastel color and all the wonderful soft edges. This is a beauty.

  3. You are crazy girl. I just want to see Brie in the 365th painting. Maybe with an apple in her mouth.

  4. Wow - congratulations - that is a great accomplishment. One of these days I will get to a place where I will paint every day.

    This is a wonderful painting.

    You've inspired me!