Saturday, June 5, 2010

Behind the Scenes #376

I painted behind White Magdelena in Hingham Square today. I plan on doing this throughout the summer, come on by for a demo. . .

This is only the second painting I've done all by myself outside. I usually paint with other people or lately, in the company of dogs, but not today. Anyhow, what caught my eye was the dark area beside the building kind of under the base of the flag post. That was it, that little tiny bit of dark made me do it!

Other News: I need advice. What kind of 10' x 10' tent can I put up by myself for outdoor art shows? I went to Lowe's, but it was heavy and looked like I might get swallowed up if I tried assembly alone. If I do buy it I would strongly encourage all to attend the pre-show setup for what will most likely be an amusing and acrobatic ordeal.

Contact White Magdelena to purchase
60 South Street, Hingham Square, MA


  1. Lisa, I found your blog through Carol Marine today. Congratulations on a whole year of painting every day! I love your work and also enjoyed your "About Me." I'll be visiting often!

  2. Lisa, I am enjoying your landscape series very much!!
    Did you look at Dick Blick or Jerrys Artarama to see what they had for a tent structure?

  3. You are truly an inspiration, and you're right we need to appreciate every day, it is a blessing. Your paintings are marvelous and I look forward to seeing more. Blessings.

  4. Love your recent work.
    You can order an "easy up" tent from their website. I don't know if you have Sams Wholesale in your area but that is where I purchased mine. $150.00 or so. Really pretty easy to deal with. Not rain proof. You can gesso the top a couple of times to help with that. You really need two people to pop the tent up but it is easy. Comes with a bag with wheels.

  5. Have a look at Marla Bagetta's recent post about setting up for art fairs. I think this is what you need to know.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Since I've been following your blog, and watching your incredible dedication, I thought it was time for me to comment.
    I've been doing outdoor artfairs for over 25 years. Yes, I do it by myself. Set-up to take-down.
    I used to be youg when I first got started, but after 25, actually 29 years, I'm sure you figured out, I'm not young anymore.

    I've had many different booths over the years. My personal favorite is the "Show-Off" by New Venture Products. It's not cheap, but it is strong, and reliable.
    Now, if you want something quick, easy, and something just to get you started, go to Sam's Club and buy their "Easy-up". I don't really think it's the same brand as EasyUp, but it looks a little stronger, and I think it's cheap. Somewhere around $125-150.
    The problem with the EasyUps, is that you have to worry about your roof puddling, or holding bags of water in a heavy rain. If your in the tent, then it's not a problem, because you can take a broom handle and push up on the areas where the water is starting to collect. With the ShowOff, that's never a problem. Never.
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. I will be happy to tell you anything you need to know.
    BTW, I love your paintings. Maija

  7. Ditto Maija about Easy-Ups. Got mine @ Sam's; I believe it's the same company but their 'slightly more frugal' model. Haven't had leakage, but have experienced the water puddling in the roof. Not a deal-breaker for me. Been using it for a couple of years now (and this coming weekend!) with nice results. Always put up by myself with relatively little issues.(Though when I got it, I practiced in the yard a few times.) Never seen the 'Show-Off' one.

  8. Thanks all - I can't believe I just thought I would pop into RiteAid and be done with it! Three stores later and it occurred to me to post it here - thank goodness I did!

  9. Lisa, I have an EZUp that I bought second hand from a local artist, along with her grid walls and other misc items, when she upgraded her booth. She was gracious enough to spend the morning with me as we took the tent up, then down, then up again - it was great hearing what to do from a seasoned pro.
    Check Craig's List or with local artists groups and see if you can snag one used. You'll save a chunk of $$ this way.