Saturday, June 5, 2010

Behind the Scenes #376

I painted behind White Magdelena in Hingham Square today. I plan on doing this throughout the summer, come on by for a demo. . .

This is only the second painting I've done all by myself outside. I usually paint with other people or lately, in the company of dogs, but not today. Anyhow, what caught my eye was the dark area beside the building kind of under the base of the flag post. That was it, that little tiny bit of dark made me do it!

Other News: I need advice. What kind of 10' x 10' tent can I put up by myself for outdoor art shows? I went to Lowe's, but it was heavy and looked like I might get swallowed up if I tried assembly alone. If I do buy it I would strongly encourage all to attend the pre-show setup for what will most likely be an amusing and acrobatic ordeal.

Contact White Magdelena to purchase
60 South Street, Hingham Square, MA