Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Boat Boat #373

Let me tell you something about painting boats;

a. They don't stay still
b. I'm quite sure they weren't this close together in real life

It was challenging, one would move, so I couldn't get the window things right, my composition started off a little different too and then as the tide shifted, well. . . you know.

BUT did you see the cover of the summer LL Bean catalog? It is by Colin Page, I love his paintings! So, I was all happy to do boats, how he did that many on one painting is beyond me, I could only manage two.

Contact White Magdelena to purchase
60 South Street, Hingham Square, MA

Other News:
I keep painting near dogs. Today, it was a WET chocolate lab - fresh out of the drink.


  1. LOVE this painting! The colors are good and I like your impressionistic style. Plein air painting is always an adventure, isn't it!? :-)

    I'm not familiar with Colin Page so will look him up. Its always fun to look at new artists (new to me, anyway!).

  2. Just looked up Colin's work! DUH!! I am familiar with his work and I LOVE it! I wish he did daily paintings with a blog. Anyway, thanks for the reminder!

  3. FABULOUS~! ♥

  4. If you found these boats difficult to paint, I can't tell by looking at 'em. I just love how your brushwork looks so care-free and competent at the same time. Lovely as always Lisa!!

  5. Thank you!

    I want to do a bigger one with more boats now and see what happens - I think I'll have to try a photo again though, which I haven't done in awhile since that figure I did - I've been afraid to try it again!

  6. Love your loose style. This little landscape is wonderful...also like the distant background and the brushwork!!!

  7. Moving are not you did a beautiful job!!!