Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheers! and if you scroll down far enough a BONUS #396 & #396.5

This echinacea flower looks like one of those little umbrellas in those drinks, all I need is a coconut shell. It is Friday, so cheers!

Sometimes I take my images into photoshop and go to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate to see if my values are really working. I'm very color dependent, I admit, so I've been secretly working on my values too and the desaturate feature in Photoshop doesn't lie, but sometimes I wish it would.

Other News: Brie has a new frisbee.

More News Still: I'll be doing a free, live demo at White Magdelena on Saturday at noon (ish) come on by.

Lastly: Brie finally stayed still long enough to paint her, after she crashed from her peanut butter high. . . if you are interested in purchasing the painting of her, let me know, there's no link. And now that I've painted her, is she considered a tax write off? Or maybe the peanut butter used to sedate her is?

Brie is insisting on a percentage, since it's a painting of her. . . more squeaky toys on the brain, no doubt.