Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Picnic #401

I didn't realize when I set this up the color was very appropriate for this time of year, it wasn't until just now I saw it. . . I did this little one today, plus a bigger one and then wrapped up the day beside a boathouse painting the ever changing light - that was HARD!

I thought after two paintings here I'd be all warmed up. Oh, no, no, it was decidedly not so. I pulled something out if it toward the end, but I spent a good hour wishing that little landscape would blow off the easel (accidentally, of course) and fall between the slats of the deck into the water. . . okay, that was intense. . . I might not be fully over it. . .

Other News: Brie, the office assistant, is up for a job promotion - she wants to be my agent.