Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chicken Coop & New Light #412

I painted under a very kind apple tree today (it did not drop any apples on my head). Today was the Hull Secret Garden Tour and way up on top of Allerton Hill there was a refreshing breeze, the nicest hosts and the most interesting things to paint.

This is one of the little paintings I did today it's the chicken coop and the greenhouse - the greenhouse was intimidating, I thought HOW am I going to make this look like a greenhouse? But what really drew me to this area in the first place was the heart on the shutter of the coop. I had to wait until I got home to put the heart in with a much smaller brush. I generally don't use a small brush so I don't travel with one, but the heart on the shutter was a detail I couldn't leave behind.

This below was not done on the tour, but I was experimenting with a different light earlier, so I thought I'd show you. As I live with these flowers, I have come to realize, I really like their underside. . . that weird orangey yellow color is fun to make and experimenting with it's values has been good for me.

Click here to purchase below painting - $100


  1. Great job w/ the greenhouse; I would have avoided it altogether!

  2. LOVE IT! It's made out of light.

    Love the little red heart!

  3. love the colors!

  4. I "heart" the little red heart. Those chickens have a lovely house to live in. Nice painting, Lisa.

  5. Thanks everyone, it was really a great day, I just got some pictures from yesterday, I'll post one of the coop tomorrow.