Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Impulse Purchase #415

The baby eggplant was irresistible, I strayed from my shopping list. Today I paint it, tonight I eat it. I know, just not right somehow.
Other News: These flowers are the same exact color as the carnival tent, weird.
More News Still: I finished a 12x12" today too, it's below.
12x12" available at White Magdelena, 781-749-0048


  1. Both of these are so beautiful. Love that baby eggplant with it's ripe purple shiny skin!

  2. Love both paintings. The colors and composition are so full of life! I always enjoy looking at your work. It makes me happy!

  3. Love the colors in both paintings. One bright and so vibrant. The other color but somewhat subdued and so inviting. Congrats!

  4. Both of these are beautiful. Love the 12x12.