Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moo-Hoo #423

Cows do not answer to yoo-hoo, hey cow or kissy face noises.

I should know, I tried to get this cow to look at me the entire time while painting. When I realized the racket I was making, I decided to keep quiet so I wouldn't scare the uncooperative things off.

Anyhow, this particular type of cow is very rare. It's part polar-bear, part cow and part Brie, the dog. I had to make up some stuff as I went along, relying on my mental cow library that has seemingly not been updated since I was three.

Other News: I'll be doing a free, live demo of useless cow calls this Saturday at White Magdelena at noon - and I'll paint while I'm there too.


  1. What fun to paint these oreo cookie cows. First saw them grazing just outside the Houston area and found out that they are Belted Galloway cows originally from Scotland. Maybe they'll answer to cow calls with a Scottish accent!

  2. these are fun with their oreo shapes, great feeling tone created with the light and color here

  3. Love the diversity of your subject matter. This is great fun to see

  4. How fun, Lisa - they make me smile and make me happy!