Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monet #437


This is my demo from today. I've done lots of computer demos, but not too many painting. The real difference between computer demos and painting demos, there is NO undo button. Command-Z (ctrl if you're PC) does not work no matter how many times you press it in your mind.

Little known fact, I also press my pretend Command-Z button a lot when I'm cooking - also does not work.

Anyhow, I should explain the title. I'm naming this painting after the precious, gray standard poodle with pink ear-bows at today's stunning location, named, you guessed it, Monet (the dog, not the location).

The workshop I've been looking forward to assisting all summer is now over. I had such a fun time - and met two DELIGHTFUL new painters and had a great time reconnecting with others.


  1. Love your apple paintings...but still love the one I have the best!!!

  2. Just love your apple paintings Lisa. You create so much with such few strokes.

    -and welcome to DPI too-