Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seven (Good Game) #458

No, no I haven't lost count again - I've had a painting request!. . . an old high school friend asked me to paint a photo of his two boys.

Sight unseen, I was a little nervous - a self proclaimed fish out of water around painting from photos and painting people - but when I got the photo, I thought how charming! So, even though I don't normally paint from photos and I pretty much don't paint people and sure, there are few things I could improve upon here (but isn't there always?) I loved doing this because it made me go WAY outside my comfort zone (much like aforementioned flappy out of water fish).

The tree and the color around the blue glows a bit more in real life. . . fyi.

Not sure if this one is for sale or not - I have to ask if the dad who requested it likes it first. . . I'll let you know.

8x8", acrylic