Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hingham Square Take Two #467

Have you ever played the game Twister?

The forecast stated the winds would pick up this afternoon, and they were not kidding. To combat the wind, I had one hand on my easel, one on my brush and another on the paper palette to keep it from blowing onto itself (yes, I have three hands now) - oh and one foot on the tripod to keep that from blowing over and then to add to the visual interest of this ill choreographed piece I kept changing the direction of my canvas so it would be more aerodynamic (what will I think of next?).

This, of course, was all manageable until I had to reload the white paint. That was when it turned into Twister, managing all of the above with random body parts while extending aforementioned third arm to reach my just out of reach white paint - it was a good workout.

Despite all that I discovered it is much easier to work bigger outside than I had imagined, this piece is 12"x12". I revisited the same spot I was in last weekend, I really, really liked the lighting on the red building last weekend and was happy to go play with it again today.


  1. We would have to say are one dedicated, persevering painter. Right on Sister!