Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lemon Lime Lemon Lime and #484

I've been playing with lemons today - the one on the gray background is from today - the other is from the workshop I took on Saturday at Page's.

Other News: I'm getting ready for the Hingham Arts Walk, it's Oct 17th - but I had to order my frames today and now maybe some postcards. . .


  1. Great job on the lemons. I have always had trouble with the temp of them. Yours are nice and warm. My favorite of these two is the one from today. Love the yellow against that teal/green/blue.

  2. Hey Lisa - beautiful work here, as always!! It's pure delight to see your work. AND... I also saw your feature in the new American Art Collector Magazine - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So very exciting!

  3. Luscious lemons...but what I want to say is that I received the painting today in the mail and I LOVE IT!!! It is as exciting as I remembered when I first saw it.....thank you so much!