Thursday, September 2, 2010

Petite Plums #465

Back to my petite paintings (6x6") - what better way to feature these itty bitty plums.

Okay, I thought I'd have nothing exciting to post today, but lo and behold, I have two things.

First thing: I also painted an eight by eight today AND started on a REALLY big one - 2x3 feet - that one is on canvas, so let's just say, I'm having my canvas battle because I really like masonite, but there was this really nice canvas in the basement with a really bad tree attempt I did once and I figured, why not.

The other thing: There are TWO last minute openings for the Carol Marine workshop taking place in Rhode Island, Sept 8-10 - contact Kelley Macdonald if you are interested: -

If you've never taken a Carol Marine workshop, I can't express how great it is and this one is taking place in one my favorite areas and rumor has it there are FANTASTIC people taking (and hosting) this workshop.


  1. This is beautiful, Lisa. I love the grays on the plate and on the plums.

  2. I love these plums. You really captured their colors and planes.

  3. Your still life paintings are so serene and quiet, Lisa. This is super with the clever use of light, and the previous post is a sure favorite!

  4. Lovely new paintings (all of them!) Oh, I wish I could attend that Rhode Island Carol Marine workshop!

  5. These berries are so lucious. Against the green background they are simply beautiful.

  6. You have captured the plums so well. The color is perfect.