Thursday, September 2, 2010

Petite Plums #465

Back to my petite paintings (6x6") - what better way to feature these itty bitty plums.

Okay, I thought I'd have nothing exciting to post today, but lo and behold, I have two things.

First thing: I also painted an eight by eight today AND started on a REALLY big one - 2x3 feet - that one is on canvas, so let's just say, I'm having my canvas battle because I really like masonite, but there was this really nice canvas in the basement with a really bad tree attempt I did once and I figured, why not.

The other thing: There are TWO last minute openings for the Carol Marine workshop taking place in Rhode Island, Sept 8-10 - contact Kelley Macdonald if you are interested: -

If you've never taken a Carol Marine workshop, I can't express how great it is and this one is taking place in one my favorite areas and rumor has it there are FANTASTIC people taking (and hosting) this workshop.