Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#554 Over the Edge 16x16

So, per some suggestions, I took the little one from the other day and painted bigger from it - I think I want a bigger brush. This painting is 16" x 16" - it was fun. Fun enough to start another one this size of a flower still life.

16x16", acrylic on maple panel, email me if interested in purchasing lisa@thebigcvisualjournal.com


  1. Lovely light and perspective. The place looks inviting enough to climb the hill for. The larger size must look great!

  2. So happy you are adding larger works to your portfolio!
    Would love to see the landscapes on huge 48"x40" canvases!
    Great work!

  3. I hadn't checked in a while but I have to say, Lisa, I LOVE/ADORE these recent paintings!! Especially the buildings in fields and the cows - they are totally freakin' awesome!!!

  4. Echoing the other comments...as brilliant as your still lifes and yardments are, the larger sizes, the architectures and the animals are moving around some really interesting dynamics in your work. It's an honor to watch it unfold. You are definitely in no danger of stagnating!

  5. I really like this, the simplicity of it is wonderful. You have enough interest with subtle nuances in the large green area and then the pop of the focal point. Great stuff!

  6. Lisa, I love these paintings of buildings! Just beautiful! The larger size must be terrific in person!