Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baa-Ha! #535


Growing up, my friend had a pet sheep and it lived in a doghouse in her backyard. It's name was Lamby-Pie.

As an adult, she has a pug named Courtney-Sue - I have no idea how she comes up with these names.

Anyhow, this "Baa-Ha (moment)" - haha, get it? oh dear, I need a vacation - is from photo reference - thank goodness for illustrators, if they aren't armed with a pre-existing library of images they've taken themselves, they know exactly where to go to help out a sheep-less friend in need.

I've been driving around with a camera in my car determined to find just the right sheep photo to no avail - this photo is used with permission and edited, the original photo had three more sheep in it, two turtle doves and a. . . oh wait, no, no, have I mentioned I've been listening to Christmas music already?

I also did a 12x12" painting today, started a 16x20" and an 8x8" - I got up early and just went for it.

This one is an itty-bitty 4x4" -