Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baa-Ha! #535


Growing up, my friend had a pet sheep and it lived in a doghouse in her backyard. It's name was Lamby-Pie.

As an adult, she has a pug named Courtney-Sue - I have no idea how she comes up with these names.

Anyhow, this "Baa-Ha (moment)" - haha, get it? oh dear, I need a vacation - is from photo reference - thank goodness for illustrators, if they aren't armed with a pre-existing library of images they've taken themselves, they know exactly where to go to help out a sheep-less friend in need.

I've been driving around with a camera in my car determined to find just the right sheep photo to no avail - this photo is used with permission and edited, the original photo had three more sheep in it, two turtle doves and a. . . oh wait, no, no, have I mentioned I've been listening to Christmas music already?

I also did a 12x12" painting today, started a 16x20" and an 8x8" - I got up early and just went for it.

This one is an itty-bitty 4x4" -


  1. Lisa, Love the painting and the story that goes with it! Great job on the composition and making it your own- enjoy your blog.

  2. Christmas music already? Baaa- humbug! Get it??? ;o)
    Actually I've enjoyed a bit of seasonal music myself... and we've got snow now to go with it!

    I love your painting style and your economy of brushstrokes. These sheep are wonderful.

  3. Excellent work, Lisa. Sheepless no more. I love the planes of light you used to carve out the forms. It was an honor to assist, although I'm still cleaning off my Chuck Taylors. For those interested, the sheep reside at the Soule Homestead, a great historic teaching farm in Middleboro, MA.

  4. You can count on me for shots of sheep. I was just next door talking to my new neighbor about how wonderful the sheep in Greece were who'd come and "mow" our grass for us and then leave good "fertilizer" to boot. As a matter of fact, I'm one of those sheep on Facebook! Love your paintings. ~Randy

  5. Lisa, I'd come to your blog for the commentary, even if I didn't like your paintings! This is funny! Luckily, I love the paintings too.

  6. I had a sheep when I was little, too. His name was Snowflake Bob Davis.