Friday, November 5, 2010

Curry in a Hurry #529

I made a very important discovery about myself sometime after painting #528.

I do not like Circus Peanuts.

I realized this last night during a fantastic dinner. There were no Circus Peanuts present, of course, but I've been wondering since before Halloween, if indeed, I'd ever met a dessert I didn't like.

And there it is. Circus Peanuts. Yuck.

So, as the Kelley MacDonald's of the world go on to exhibit self control and make fabulous paintings of cupcakes, and oh, have you happened upon David Simons' pie paintings? Him too, total willpower - me, I'd be inclined to try some of it, all of it, research I could call (justify) it - Becoming the Object, if you will.

Other News: Check back tomorrow for a link to the fabulous Persimmon Painting of Monday which sparked my persimmon life of crime.