Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stolen Hour #531

I had a whole extra hour this morning, seemed wasteful not to put it to use! So, I grabbed some more items from the kitchen and went to work on a bigger (9x12") setup w/these persimmons.

Fellow blogger (who I met this fall at the CM workshop) Christine, asked,

"How do you keep yourself to such economic brushstrokes?"

Well, I've been thinking about it while I work and here's what I've noticed, I seldom put paint in the same place twice. I try not to cover over paint I've already put down. And I squint a lot too, this gets rid of some of the distracting stuff when I'm looking, simplifies what I'm seeing and reduces objects down to their most important characteristics, which is what I then use to make it on my panel.

9x12", acrylic, 9x12"