Thursday, December 30, 2010

Apple Boat #584

I recreated my setup from yesterday and added in an orange cloth - I painted it FOUR times, before retreating to a 4x4" panel. (In my defense, I had eaten one of the apples, so the setup was kind of unbalanced and awkward.)

Other News: I went snowshoeing again, and of course I walked, Brie, the dog, curator, office assistant and snow eater first.


  1. Eating your set up? Hey, it happens! :-)

    Love this blue bowl and the remaining apple!

  2. Oh, I just cannot imagine you painting something 4 times...
    This is however lovely in its simplicity. We can make you into a verb and call things Lisa'ed- for simply elegant and beautiful.

  3. Lisa,
    Congratulations for winning the MAM Stickability Award! You follow Loriann Signori, who won it last year. She set a high standard, one which you have certainly matched. I so admire your persistance and the joy with which you create. You are a life lesson for us all!

  4. Lisa, I just saw where you won the MAM stickability award! Congrats to you and Brie:)

  5. Lisa! Congratulations on winning the Stickability Award! You rock!
    Art Buddy Miguel

  6. I've followed the link from Making a Mark over to your blog and am glad I did. Your paintings are wonderful and your dedication inspiring. Congratulations on your award and Happy New Year!