Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Personal Challenge #575

It's been called to my attention (by me) that I have not been doing many objects in my setups lately - so, I thought I would challenge myself today by setting up a still life with five objects (five happinesses come to mind) and also without anything yellow or green.

Okay, so I got the five objects, didn't use yellow (although I mixed a lot of yellow in my gray to make me feel sunny) and well, totally failed on the green bit, but you know what they say about two out of three.

Happy as I am painting pirouetting sugar bowls I wanted to fill up the space in a different way.

Oh and I used my new light, can you tell?


  1. Awesome light...I'm going to start using your paintings to fend off seasonal affective disorder. Everything about this glows.

  2. Lisa,
    So wonderful with light and color! Look at all those highlights. I just love that red bottle in the back.
    Yes! I can tell more light and sunshiney- what light did you get?
    I want one!

  3. Great art every day! Thank you for sharing your work.
    Have a great holiday season.
    Art Buddy Michael aka Miguel

  4. I love how the various blues pull through the painting and hold all the elements together... so juicy and loose. Love it!

  5. Very nice Lisa.
    It does look like you have new light- it sings!