Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two of a Kind #605 and help pick the top three

After yesterday's painting, I needed something a little more subdued. 4x4", acrylic.

Other News: The SAMFund* has chosen their five favorite daily paintings for an upcoming tribute card. But they need your help (huh, this sounds like a pledge drive, I promise it's not).

They've gone through all 604 paintings (wow!) and have come up with five but would like you to help by voting for your favorite three. . . the winning ones will be made into tribute cards. . . to vote here's the link to their blog scroll down to see the five finalists. . .

*The SAMFund is one of my favorite places to volunteer. The SAMFund stands for "Surviving and Moving Forward," and exists to "support young adults as they get back on their feet after cancer treatment." And they've awarded $600,000 in grants in scholarships to individuals across the U.S.


  1. Great idea! I just visited the link and voted!

  2. I love your painting from yesterday with the brighter colors, but I like this more subdued one, too.

  3. Great way to help! Just voted. Beautiful pieces - it was hard to pick. Loved your bowl yesterday too.

  4. All are lovely. I love your interior paintings. Wish they'd chosen one of those. However, it would be really difficult to decide!