Friday, March 11, 2011

#653 Orange. . .

Orange. . . you glad it's not a sheep, or a strawberry or an orange?

Okay, it's obvious I need to get out more.

Luckily, (here goes my plug) the opening reception at Bella's is this Sunday, March 13th, 5-7 - some of the Daily Paintings and others (think 3x4ft behemoth painting) will be on display and I will be there too! Bella's is on rte 228 in Rockland, MA -

6x6in, acrylic, $100, click here to purchase


  1. Nice apples - your acrylics are very oily!

  2. I like the sheep!
    Yards and yards of yellow yarn....

  3. I like your sheep too- they are soft and graphic at the same time. However you paint everything well and these apples are no slouches either. Always like your brushwork!
    Have fun at your show- congrats and just enjoy every moment- you earned it!