Sunday, March 13, 2011

Direction #655


I thought this would be for the newly posted challenge over at Daily Paintworks but this painting, turns out, had a mind of it's own and I don't think it fits the assignment anymore. . .

I'm off to the opening!


  1. Lisa,
    I just came from checking the four paintings that are posted now on DPW and when I saw yours I thought you had most likely painted for the challenge. I think yours would be a very nice contribution to the challenge. I like, as I like most of your work. SHARE! Hee Hee :0)

  2. You need to post this. Very good.
    I hate patterns! I am waaay to impatient and I get lost. I am kind of working my way through one and it is only stripes. I hate stripes too.

  3. I LOVE this painting. Carol is right . . . you should post this.

  4. It definitely fits the it and it'll be one of the best!

  5. Lisa, your show at Bella's was amazing...a great body of work. I'm glad I could be there. I love this painting also....

  6. You may not think it meets the challenge, but I love it. The colors are smashing.