Wednesday, June 15, 2011

High Tide #751.25 and 751.75

It's an unusually high tide. We parked our cars at low tide and waded in barefoot (brrr) to retrieve them later on (oops!) - to the right, between the rocks is the road leading further out to more houses. This explains why the house nearby is on stilts . Below is painting #751.25, 6x6in, a dock leading into the marsh. Floating around in the marsh grass sounds nice. SOLD

This little 4x4in is my last painting of the day (#751.75). This house is tucked away behind some trees, I liked the roofline so much I thought I'd paint it.


  1. Solstice full moon = high tide.

    I'm not surprised this little house sold. I am sorry I'm not the new owner. It's a good lesson in simplicity. We've got... what... a dozen stokes, max?

  2. Love both paintings. The simplicity is amazing and so are the colors.