Saturday, July 9, 2011

#775 Yardment -The Other Side of the Fence


A flower from Brie's side of the yard. Brie's idea for the next Yardment* is for me to paint her dirt pile, the one she made while creating a hole. Oh, to be a Wheaten. still life acrylic 6"x6"

*yardment defined - if you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's okay, I think I'm being funny, but it might just be funny to me - Duane Keiser, a daily painting superhero, is painting 1000 'Oddments,' so every now and then, I think it's a good idea to paint something from the yard and call it a Yardment. Brie, the dog/art collector is waiting patiently for her own Oddment, we, er, um, I purchased #308 and I'm really hoping it's a painting of a piece of candy and not one of a bug - his subjects have quite the range - Brie is hoping for a painting of a dog treat or a squeaky toy or of the dog across the street, named Stinky, oh p-lease do not let it be a painting of Stinky -


  1. Nice style!
    You are now on our "Artists to Watch" list!!

  2. Brie's flowers are great and so is this painting. What colors did you use to get the beautiful royal blue background?