Thursday, August 11, 2011

Waiting #808

Lately Brie, the dog, likes to take naps on our walks (don't ask). I've resorted to bringing my camera to keep myself entertained. The photo I used for today's painting was taken on someone's first break - I focused on the other side of the harbor, which was still pretty far away. With Brie digging in the dirt (while resting) the camera gets kind of shaky because I'm holding her leash. The end result is a blurry, far away image, when I get home there doesn't look like much until I zoom in. The image is typically jagged but I can still make out covered porches and what I bet to be hydrangeas. However, I have been told I have an active imagination. landscape acrylic 4"x4" click here to purchase $60 shipping and handling $7


  1. I love this! You have a nice neighborhood :)

  2. I so love your landscapes!
    art amigo miguel

  3. I like your active imagination--nice painting!!