Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#835 Honey Bear (don't care)

It's true, this honey bear hasn't a care in the world. still life, acrylic, 8"x8" click here to purchase, $145 shipping and handling $7

Other News; If you can, please follow this link to donate to the fundraiser for daily painter, Carol Marine. Her and her family are safe, but regrettably her home, like many others, is in/near Bastrop, Texas and has been lost. I can't express how I feel.


  1. Another very pleasant scene. The colors are relaxing and the honey bear gives the work a gentle touch of humour!

  2. Love it Lisa. About Carol..there are no words...

  3. Love this one. The red flowers with the greens against the background is spectacular.
    Little Honey Bear- he's a keeper!

  4. Thank you! My images here are not the hottest at the moment, I keep taking them at night with a camera - exactly what one is not supposed to do! oops! This one looks washed out to me.