Thursday, September 22, 2011

#850 Donut Peach

Brie's stay-cation is over, she's protesting and spent part of the day in the bathroom, don't ask. still life acrylic 6"x 6" $100 click here to purchase $7 shipping and handling


  1. I love the soft muted colors in your still life.

  2. So nice. I must remember to comment on your wonderful still lifes more often!
    art ami michel

  3. Love this! And my FAVORITE part is the littly tiny eenie weenie dark reflection (red?) on the left hand side of the little jar.

    Brie!!! She's sulking. She needs her 'moment'. You left her! She doesn't care why. Right, Brie????? (I'll be she got lots of treats while you were gone!)

  4. Love the flat shapes and the palette.
    Brie's Stay-Cation just cracks me up but about the bathroom...... I'm curious :D

  5. If I weren't a starving artist, this one would be mine!