Saturday, October 8, 2011

#866 Fall Hydrangea - In the Moment

sold I did my first plein air oil painting today - this is not it - this is my daily acrylic painting. I would post the oil painting but it's wet, putting a sticky acrylic face down on the scanner is one thing but an oil painting, probably not so easy to get off the scanner, I'm guessing. I have some bad habits.

Other News: Speaking of habits, have I mentioned, someone insists on sitting down halfway through her walk - ON the bench now - as if she is enjoying the view, which maybe she is, it's hard to tell what goes on in her fluffly little mind - and sometimes I just stand beside the bench and wait for her to take it all in.
still life 8"x8" acrylic 


  1. How interesting, Lisa... You put your painting face down on the scanner??? Who knew???

    GREAT hydrangeas!!!

  2. Love this one- hydrangeas are a favorite of mine and I love the color and the brushwork here...Look forward to seeing your oil done Plein Air with the GJWP group:) And the scanning thing? Have never tried that....interesting! And love hearing about Brie...makes me smile- thanks!

  3. Lisa this is great! And - hmmm.. I think as an oil painter you're going to have to photograph the paintings - sometimes days later there's still that spot of red or black that's still wet!
    Brie. Paco does that, too, it means (for him) "Lets go home!"