Monday, October 31, 2011

Bigger Smaller #889

I'm sizing up the back of my car to figure out if it'll fit a 60" stretched canvas. I don't normally paint on canvas or that big, but lately I've been trying new things, so now I think I need a big canvas to climb on into and paint. Other News: Remind me to tell you about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Props. More News Still: I've made a horrible mistake! I thought this new neighborhood would not have trick or treaters, but I'm wrong. One neighbor has a fog machine and another jack o'lanterns and everyone else loads of ghoulish mayhem on their lawns and sadly, if someone comes to my door, he or she is going to have to accept a can of soup or maybe a handful of crackers, or perhaps a festive container of Clorox Wipes oh, dear I'm regrettably ill prepared. still life acrylic 6"x6"