Friday, October 28, 2011

Magic Jam Jar

sold You were thinking magic carpet? Well, I was earlier today too while on a hunt for a carpet someone will not find delicious. Oh yes, that someone also finds rugs irresistible to snack on, have I mentioned this? I would like to point out, aforementioned unnamed snacker has every toy she's ever been given. Hasn't hurt one little hair on all four dozen squeaky little heads. still life 8"x8" acrylic


  1. This painting is so beautiful! wow

  2. This just jumped out at me. Maybe it's the textile element. Love it.

  3. Thank you!
    Mary, she's not a chewer, exactly, it's more like she's capable of mass destruction on occasion. For instance, we'll be plodding along over here for months, nothing to mention and then, all of a sudden, all the turquoise is missing from the hand hooked rug, presumably plucked by someone in someone's spare time.