Friday, November 4, 2011

#893 Fancy That

I painted this twice. First I painted this panel, then I went on to a bigger canvas. My new thing is to spend about an hour a day on a big canvas, it's my revised way to wrap my mind around doing bigger paintings. When I went to the bigger canvas, I worked out some things I wanted to put back on the little panel and then after I 'fixed' that I went back to the bigger one. This might seem a bit like going around in circles, but it held my interest because it was curious to watch how things kept changing and I didn't feel like I had to preserve anything. I should have taken some process photos. Other News: To my knowledge, Brie, the dog/office assistant/curator has not eaten anything unusual this week although I am missing a wood handle brush. . . still life acrylic 6"x6" $100 click here to purchase $7 shipping and handling


  1. So you have a favorite yet? -- big or little? I'd love to see both.
    p.s. Scooping poop in your yard must be a weird archeology.

  2. I think the end result is a more focused, tighter composition; more refined lines; while still capturing your still life moment. I love your spontaneous big brush strokes as well as your twice's!
    Priscilla Beadle

  3. Love this one! Love the bright yellows and so much more. (Want more landscapes por favor.)
    art amigo miguel