Thursday, November 17, 2011

#906 This Little Persimmon

Someone has been throwing things off the chair when I leave. At first, I thought it was just a fluke, the other night I left a pile of unfolded dishtowels on the chair and when I got home, every single one of them was on the floor. Someone loves dishtowels, so I thought she might just be getting her fix. But tonight the pillow was on the other side of the room when I returned. I don't know if someone is standing on the chair or taking her frustration out on whatever inhabits the chair. It's all very confusing. I think I should start a series of drawings, What DOES She Do When I'm Gone? still life, acrylic, 4"x4" $60 click here to purchase


  1. Outstanding shadowplay!

    Sounds like you're not the only one doing some shadowplay...

  2. I love the soft gray against the orange. So pretty! Re Brie, have you tried leaving the radio/TV on for her? My little dachshund is partial to the Cartoon Network. ;)

  3. Wonderful contrasts in color and light! Miss Brie certainly has been getting your attention lately! :)

  4. What a perfect little persimmon : )