Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taller #904

Inventory control is not what it used to be around here, I'm almost out of white paint. Other News: Bridgette down at Powderhorn Press in Plymouth did a fine job on The SAMFund holiday cards, I just got a batch today. Proceeds go to young cancer survivors, the cards feature three of the daily paintings, I swear I won't yammer on about these too much more, but if you are interested in ordering some, follow this link. still life, acrylic, 8"x20" $200 click here to purchase, shipping included.


  1. I can't enthuse enough how much I enjoy going onto your blog and seeing your lovely paintings.

  2. You're doing great.. just for fun, try doing a painting without white :). I'm sure you'll get lots of lovely comments :)

    Brie really needs to get with the program :)

  3. beautiful. I love the colors and the composition