Monday, January 23, 2012

#973 Snow Flower

Today was the return of snow buffalo. She (Brie) does this thing, I don't know how to explain it, but she positions her body in a way which looks just like the body of a buffalo, then she springs up, launches herself really, through the air. No mind if I'm at the other end of the leash, of course, then it's back down, to bury her head completely in the snow and then. . . snow buffalo position again. buffalo life, 6x6", acrylic, $100 click here to purchase


  1. that is so fabulous, unless of course you're whip lashed by the leash.
    Your paintings are lovely and fresh and bold!

  2. Mom! I yam not a bufflo! I yam huntin! Yu kant heer em bud ders tingz unner da sno an der MOOVIN! Reely! I kin heer em an wen I do I gotta GIT em. So I jump em!
    I luv da sno, Mom. Tanx fer takn me fer woks init.
    pee ess---samartdog rinks da sno flur iz wikkud cheeree!

  3. Love the flower, Lisa! Beautiful and values and brush strokes. And the shape and colors of the shadow add so much to the composition. Love it!

  4. Lisa, this is one of my favs-everything about it is stellar. The shadows are beautiful, the red flower looks amazing, and the vase is my favorite color!

  5. Great painting. Beautiful shapes and colors and I love the simplicity