Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday I finally decided to approach the 1000th painting as I have all the others; as a response and record of my immediate daily surroundings. But luckily for me today's painting was to be done in the company of painting friends I've met over the past 1000 days.

Five of us (and two parrots - don't ask) embarked on a paint out. We headed to a greenhouse and marveled in a gloriously warm and tropical afternoon surrounded by kumquat shrubs and pineapple trees and aforementioned parrots. We put our brushes down and secretly toasted when painting 1000 was completed (phew), then onward to a most enjoyable dinner. Words to state how happy I am without sounding trite or corny are hard to come by. I always feel I can never express my gratitude enough, but thank you to everyone for finding my blog and reading my posts and opening my daily emails. And thank you to everyone who celebrated 1000 with me or 999 or any of the other days along the way. I appreciate it more than you'll know.

So, about this 1000th painting, because I know you are wondering but you're too polite to ask; I recently learned about On Kawara an artist who has done a series of 'date paintings' consecutively since 1965. And happily, I also learned there were even more artists working within the parameters of daily ritual and routine. One artist even set out for a pursuit of infinity. As a result, I'm thinking a lot about process of the daily ritual and this painting is an appropriation of Kawara. But wait! You were expecting a painting of sugar bowl maybe? Well, so was I, so I did that too. . . the sugar bowl, as I may have mentioned is my favorite relic from my grandmother's house. . . '1000', 4x4" acrylic • '1000 and a half' 4x4", acrylic -  sold. One last thing: Thank you again for seeing me along these 1000 days. . . sold